Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nike Said It Best

Just do it.

Things are never done if you never start them. And, as always, here's no time like the present, for, you see, things are always done in the present. Everything you have ever done, has been done in a present. Now they are past. To make them past you must have them be created in the present. Futures are vague, infinite, and fleeting. Pluck the ideas you want from it, fill up your present, and make one heck of a past. If you want to do something, and have thought through it, and have been meaning too.... Just do it.

(Subway stairs New York)
I went to New York June of last year. I did so because at the begining of the school year when it was proposed, my mother suggested we do it. Somehow we did find the money... it was there. And I made the payments and I got on the plane, had one heck of a time (even though I was horribly sick), and basicly, Just did it.

Its hard to keep up. Just doing things. There's being tired, or ill, or having things come up... But eventually if you keep thinking about it... You might find the motivation again...

But mainly, if you want to do it in your lifetime, do it now. Start it now. Just because you think you cant... You'll never know untill your doing it.

So... Just do it, or you never will.

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