Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Got A Puppy! I Got A Puppy! I Got A Puppy! Hey Hey Hey Hey!

This morning dawned sadly, tossing and turning in my sleep with a tear evoking dream about my Carson. I woke breifly with tears in my eyes. I had been petting her. Spending time with her... and then it struck me that it was past. Too late to pet her silky neck flaps and tousle her ears. I miss her so much. She was a beautiful sweet kind mischievous friend and nothing can ever replace her.

I miss too though, having a dog at all. I'm not one to be stingy with doggy love, or to clam up with heartache forever. I'm prepared to give some love, maybe a puppy and maybe too a adopt-a-dog. I've been asking for weeks...

An hour or so later Mum woke me again, this time with a call. A call for puppies. Free labs had been advertized on the radio that morning. We drove out a little before noon. Three were already gone... and there was a really really handsome boy, but meet our girl.... (no name).