Sunday, December 03, 2006

Just For One Thing

Wouldn't that be something?

Jack of all trades and a master of none.
Is that my ultimate fate? A master of one thing would never suit my nature. The thought of closing a door on anything I enjoy beyond me. Perhaps I can be a jack of all trades and a master of some. I have a lifetime to acheive some mastery here and there, I might as well try.

Just have to get crackin!

Wonder if that is a drug refference... or it could be talking about corn?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Another Day

I regret to inform you that I have not been fair to my future self recently. This picture is far from new. And I have been off the game for longer than I would like. Here's some eye candy that is going to be printed off for my school p0rtfolio.

I found some lovely makeup brush sets on While I dislike People Style Watch magazine a great deal, I owe it to them for directing me to sephora.
The upper left one happens to be my favorite. Its a rounded set containing nearly all you could need in a down to buisness pouch. The best part about this design? Unlike all the others... it has room for more. The brushes I already enjoy and the tantalizing posibility of additions. It gives me nooks and crannies still to fill, and keeps them neat. The catch? The $250 price tag. Laura Mercier, makeup designer, loans her name to the final sum.
Laura Mercier Master Brush Set , $250
My second choice follows looks and pricing. The red set, bottom left, has the pretty red lining (later to be marred by powder stains) and the fluffiest looking brushes. All of these glam looks for the small... er price of $42. Its a bitter bargain with no extra room, but for the $200 difference...
The other two were there for decoration... I used that picture as a background on another website.

Have a great day, a beautiful day. >_O