Sunday, October 08, 2006

All Of The Night

A sure way to learn something is to fail at it terribly. I went out photographing today, with my new camera. The film wasnt loaded correctly. Every picture I took wasnt really taken. Its a dissapointment. But today wasnt bust. I lost my pretties, but I know how to use my camera better. I am a bit more selective with my choice of picture. This exploit is shaping up to be expensive.

I want to dabble in interior design. Really, I just want to create a haven of my own. I want my room to be exactly how I wish it to be. I want saturated colors in apealing combo's. Neutral shades are wonderful and versitile... but it would be fun to do something drastic. I want something green and purple maybe. Brown and purple is pretty too though. And blue is a good color. Do I want it to be warm or cool? Will I match the furnature or make it contrast? What room should I take over? The basement is a bigger more versitile room. Its also in a basment. Add +10 creepyness factor, and about +20 for increased bug habitation. The other thing is that I'm a seni0r. Its a bit late to be designing my room. How long will I stay in it?
What will I be doing next year? I'm full of questions. Who has the answers? I have to make them up I guess. I have no qualms about ignoring the stigma of living with ones parents. Really its the guys who have the full brunt of the disdain. I think its economical. It has its limitations in socialization. You still have to deal with family matters. But you can get your mother to make you breakfast. You have someone to tell your day to who might actually care. Relatively worry free. Dont worry, I've already informed my parents of the possibility of them never being free of me.
Even if I do live at home forever I'll have my growth experience. If I'm going abroad for months at a time it should make up for living at home. -.o

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