Monday, October 09, 2006

Half Penny Doesn't Cut It


I believe I may have successfully completed a roll of film. The jury is still out. They would like some evidence of success before celebrating. So far the condeming facts are that one, it made funny noises, and two: the counter is only at 20 but the quick cock wont cock... Which means theres no more film. There should be 24 exposures.

Well, it worked better than last time.

I went to fencing tonight. And it wasnt even barb wire! There's not a whole lot to say. Its a demanding and intellectual sort of sport. Full of finess and vocablulary, uncomfortable positions and massive leg strength. I enjoy the classic style. I think it is one of those things best to learn first.

Like photography. You appreciate it more when you know how hard it can be. When your spending your own money of film your real picky about what shot you get. You know your really supposed to have your hand up in a limp wristed monkey stance to help balance.

Some things you wouldn't ever notice if you didnt take the slow baby steps first.

AFTER: You've never seen more heavenly squash.... I cooked the heck right out of it...

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