Thursday, October 12, 2006


I feel beautifully eccentric today. The ditsy mood of the week hasnt passed however. I had to do some trixy driving in a deserted street to park so I could leap from the vehicle and capture a picture. The light was sending a cascade of sparkles to splash over these three beautifully changing trees. As I was standing on the sidewalk trying to get them all in the frame, the homes owner walked out carrying a riffle under his arm. Well, several. He was carying them to his car. After blinking at me rather blankly he said hello. I returned his greeting and carried on about my busines. If I were a talkative person, or if I had been feeling less harrased about my photography I may have said what I was doing. Or just said these tree's are beautiful in this light, or some such phrase. As it was...

I also recycled paper today. I drove past the place so thought, why not stop today? I've had a bag in the back of my car since before it was my car. Its hand me down recycling. I was going to add more to it the other day, but someone threw it away before I took it.
I have to start working on my skirt tomarrow! You will be amazed at my handy crafts when I'm done, let me just tell you. It is hoping to be black, purple, sparkly and lacy. And if all goes well it will resemble a skirt. Im making up the pattern however so all bets of perfection are off. Pattern's never look very well in my eyes. Lets hope winging it will.
Sewing projects:
Purple/Black Punk Skirt
Christmas PJ Pants for family
Purple Plaid Flannel Rag Quilt for someone(shhh! dont tell!)

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