Monday, January 01, 2007

Oh The Beauty

I have done you wrong. I appologize greatly for my terrible lapse. I have not written a blog of any size or description since December 3, 2006. Were I a good writer I would have updated at least weekly. Every other day would be prefferable... and even enjoyable, but neither the mood or the time presents itself and so I have wasted nigh countless hours doing nothing of import or lasting beauty.

I will inform you however, that Christmas was beautiful. Without the extra time to prepare - Christmas break started 3 days late - I was unable to finish most of my gifts. They will get them eventually! My dining room has been transformed into sewing room for the month. If school doesn't interfere I may have them done this month. I revamped my quilt for Whitney... Extenuating circumstances including lack of funds as well as severe lack of time has moved that project onward until her birthday come spring. Pajama pants for the rest of the family are coming along nicely. Thats a lie. I need to really get going on them, but I do have things purchased and a pair almost completed.

The mood was beautiful. It snowed a day before Christmas eve. Almost half a foot of snow...
I went to to get together's outside of the family. One was a posh hors d'oeuvre, stand around in formal chatting partie it this lovely old house. I arrived straight from work unformal and with cheese soy sauce rice cracker dish. The other was dinner with my boyfriend. We had a tasty potato soup and salad. A bit tretcherous making it there... but worth it.
The food was spectacular, and a Christmas present in itself to prepare. I used a recipie from the food network holiday specials to glaze a ham. Paula Deen and Emeril - I'd slaughter his last name- made a sugar cane glazed ham with baked pears and apples, and so did I. Here's the menu.

Chrsitmas Eve Dinner
Sugar Cane Glazed Ham with Baked Fruit
Cornbread/Whole Wheat Stuffing with Wild Mushrooms and Pecans
Whit's Broccoli Salad
Ceasar Shrimp Salad

My only complaint was the low quality olive oil on the dressing. The rest was delishious.

Christmas Breakfast
(Straight out of an old Bon Appetite)
Hot Chocolate with Caramel Swirl Whipped Cream
Vanilla Maple French Toast
Rosmary Sausages

And a citrus salad but I never preped the citrus for it. There was plenty anyway. Only comment would be a thinner firmer french toast. It was amazing how much custard mix that bread soaked up. Bout 2 cups of milk and 9 eggs... bet if I lower the milk they would firm up some.

We all went on a walk Christmas eve. About nine o' clock. The snow reflected light wonderfully. We were the only ones out and slid down the middle of the street pulling eachother on sleds. The snow packed made them glide along perfectly without getting our feet too cold. We popped in the car after that for a light seeing cuise and to warm up then arrived back home to dive between the covers (or do the final prep work for the breakfast as the lot may be).

A bottle of vodka, fish sauce, food processor... chocolate, underwear, socks... A victoria's secret box of anime and a spice grater. Things went well.

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