Monday, January 01, 2007

Meditations On The Upcoming

A room that matches my blog, only a bit darker. My monitor is very dark. That is why all of my pictures look faded on your average monitor. I cannot see them at all untill I lighten them some. I leave them a bit dark, but it hasn't been enough. I'm stripping... the walpaper off my room and painting it purple. A nice light purple and the possibility might exist that I paint the trim in brown. Funish it with a dark silver spirally bed and silky sheer curtains...

A bit of a college visit. I might skip over to visit a college soon. Portland State... I have deepest suspicions about it, but I shall take a gander. My mother, a friend, and myself should be popping down there in the next couple of months to check it out, and the sights in portland. I've never spent a great deal of time there. An hour really at state theatre competitions. It was plesent then... we'll see.

First I have to get my hair cut. Then I have to graduate highschool. I'm going to do an independant study French class. This is after I make up half a math credit. Go figure. If you dont do the homework you dont pass the class. Dont my B's on tests with no prep work make up for the measely old homework crap?!

A Costco trip is in store as well. Olive Oil. Good stuff this time. Nuts... *sigh* Spices... some cheese's. Another 8lbs of butter or so... Heck to the rest of it. I'm there for the food. (and maybe some cute pj pants like last time, a video game, or... food). Yeah, I'm there for the food.

A massage next week. My first. This means I'll have to shave doesnt it... Yes. Yes it does.

A week full of food. Tomarrow... ~THE SALAD!~ I'll post the recipe. It needs to be online! To make a name for it you would have to include all of the ingredients... Ginger Mandrian Orange Chicken Spinach Salad... Does that work? Its delishous. It has those ingredients with some orange juice, garlic, rice vinegar, red bell, red onion, cucumber, liptons onion soup mix. My mother, sister, and myself have been known to make a double batch (serves 12) and eat it all before the night was over. Normally we only eat 2 or 3 portions per individiual its good, this stuff is great. My father and the lil siblings hate it... no massive hunk of meat? vegetables? Its beyond them.

The next day...
Lunch: Pad Thai
Dinner: Chicken legs with a herbs de province rub.

The next night
Manacotti with spinach ricotta filling
A Gratin of Leeks (I've never cooked with leeks before! I'm so excited!)

I'm not sure what this night, but it will have pork. It will be smoky mesquite like with cumin and chillie powder. It will have fettuccini. I will probably use my wok.

Ramen pork stir fry stuff....

And cheap freezer turky gravy potato goo i bought. Yes, I do eat freezer food. Sometimes I crave it specifically. Much like the basic sauce of chines food dishes.

Uh... hash browns? We bought 6lbs... ooo... maybe some bowtie pasta with italian herbs and chopped vegetables. I'm lookin into some pizza quesadilla stuff too. If i got the time the motivation and the forsight... we will eat well.

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