Tuesday, January 16, 2007

End Catcher

Most jobs out there are a means to an end. For those lucky enough to find a job that is both the means and the end for them, they’ve got it made. Until then, most of these ends lay far from job itself. Be it supporting a family, supporting yourself through schooling, or just to buy things you want(like food and toilet paper). A job is worked into ones life to provide a means to provide these services.

Defining the motivations that get you to work day after day really shows some priorities you have*. My priority is travel, artful living, and fine food. Things I work for and scrimp money for… a big camera, bottle of truffle oil, a Shun Santaku knife, trip to Europe or Japan or anywhere else. Those are the sorts of things I am working for. And soon I’ll be working for the toilet paper, gas, and bulk packages of top ramen. The needs can muddle things up.

But I digress. If a job cannot provide you your priorities and enjoyment there of, then its defeated its purpose. If I cannot travel with a job, then eventually I’ll have to leave it. It seems simple. And though I’m hesitant to believe it, I’ve been told low paying jobs are a dime a dozen. A part time here or there is recoupable. Actual career paths put on more difficult to bypass restrictions. I mentioned earlier about those who find a job that is their end. I’d like one eventually I suppose. A job that pays enough to cover my needs and provides satisfaction in itself. I’m looking for it too. They take work and dedication… the clashing ends. Career paths versus ulterior motivations. Well, if the final product can give it all… I’ll wait and see.

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