Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Can't Can Help?

How many times...
in your day is can't said?

How many times...
do you say "you can't"?

How many times...
do you think "I can't"?

How many times
does "can't" need to be said?

How many times...
do you need to hear 'you can' before you believe it?

How many times...
will you tell someone they can?

Its not just a word. Its a feeling. A numbing admittance. You thought you could, but you can't.

With the nonchalance of shooing a fly new ideas and young hopes are batted away. How often I say or think, "except you can't".

You can't do a triple back flip and kick the robber in the face, before hand springing onto your bike and pedaling away at the speed of light.

Maybe you can't... but who am I to put "can't" in your head?

So many things I write off as "I thought I could, but I really can't". What other conclusion could I draw, having no evidence of my ability to do said feat? Being thus put down by myself, I then assign others the same inability. What has changed since I thought that I could? My perception.

Its been too long since I thought I could. I must have been mistaken. That Can is too old. That means it's a Can't.

Yet I realize.

"Can" only has the shelf life you assign it. You can... you just maybe haven't yet. >.O