Friday, March 23, 2007


I wonder if I shall ever enjoy eating olives. I dont mind the tin flavored ones from the Albertsons can. The ones from jars however have given me considerable trouble. I dont know as I've bought the right kind. Did I leave my chedder and buy the first block of blue I could find? In such a case with olives it would be little wonder I havnt aquired a taste for them.

I want to try an olive with a vague olive oil flavor. No tin. But not strangely bitter, mouth drying, grainy goo held together by a rubber skin! All marinated in some sort of pickled concoction, no less! I need to research which is a mild flavored olive, and try a nice brand.

Further down on my list of purchasing, a bottle of Lucini Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Its pretty, green, and I've been recomended by several to try it. They have some in stock at my Bella's (a beautiful little gourmet store). Fifteen dolars give or take. I think I might get some soon. I'll need to pull some sorta crazy Italian cookery masterpeice to show off all my great ingredients. Sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, pine nuts... I've got some goods. And mascarpone is now only $7, down from its original $15 per imported tub! Hopefully this new brand will be equally tasty.

Up next, been craving a salad from a local restraunt. Realized that because it had no dressing, I could replicate it myself. Just need some flavor power houses, some quick grilling and pow. Angry Chicken Salad, as it was called. Bacon, mushrooms, onion, bell pepper on romain with chicken. I got it down. And I'll toss on just a little bit of my favorite ceasar 'cuz thats how I like it.

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