Thursday, February 23, 2012

Confidence Rage Quit

I wanted to add, to my struggle with the first batch of croissant dough... That I was furious it didn't turn out.

I wasn't nervious about doing croissants. The only reason I haven't hitherto-fore made them is that it takes all day, uses a lot of butter, and I usually go for danish instead. Knowing I could do danish dough, I didn't sweat the croissants at all! Even with the messed up recipe I figured it'd work out about right.

And then they turn out FAIL. I knew exactly the things I had done wrong. I knew exactly why it had failed. I knew how to fix it. But why, jam it, did I let it fail?! I got this one! Only apparently I didn't!

I made the second batch the next morning, out of spite for the first failing. To comfort my longing for GOOD croissants too. And to salve the idea that I had 4lbs of fail dough in my freezer.

Now I realize, I just have 6lbs of HEART FAILURE dough in my freezer begging to be baked.


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