Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Pharmaceutical Kitchen

I'm no wise woman ready to spout off home remedies or lists of medicinal foods. I made a cough syrup once, I guess. It had honey and vinegar and cayenne pepper and tasted vile as you might expect, but it was still better tasting than the real stuff.

That aside I found a better way to bring the pharmacy into the kitchen. Legally dears, no green brownies here, just antiques(though at one point it did contain antique medicinal cannabis). Fresh onto my kitchen wishlist comes this lovely medicine cabinet.

The top and three drawers are filled with 288 of these amazing tins. Each with the wonderful antique writing and old paint, and a little window looking into the contents within.

Its only worth five to seven thousand dollars. That's the rub with antiques. I don't mind very much that they're old. Its the design I like. Designs that are out of manufacture and amazing and hard to find. I'd just as soon have a new box with a set of new jars, spice labeled instead of medicine jars, for my own. I love the uniqueness of the jars, and though I'd miss a sprinkle feature, easy spoon access and the window would be worth it.

Now I'm trying to convince my Dad to build be me a cabinet for my regular jars... but if any of you know a tin manufacturer... give em the hint.

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dana said...

Hey there,
I got your comment on my blog about the Bernina 730. Fun that you inherited one too!
I'm not really sure where to locate stuff anymore since it's gone out of my house....BUT...if you don't have an owner's manual, you can find it online. That's what I did.
Do a google search for Bernina 730 Owner's Manual and there's a pdf you can download. It's about 50 pages long. The print was kinda small and not the easiest to read, but really helped.
Good luck with your sewing ventures!
- Dana