Saturday, August 11, 2007


Oprah is like another Mecca. Whether knowingly or not, people bow to her. She cultivates inspiration, aspiring change, and sucess. You can see it pool and flow around her. She has the wealth to irrigate fertile ideas and invest in potential. As amazing as it is to see her tend her gardens, more intriguing still are the bits and pieces of greenery sprouting up volunteer around her them. The woman draws ideas to her like ravines draw run-off.

Arriving home from work I always miss her show. What I'm finding is her website holds great content much more frequently. I could care less about Tom Cruise jumping around, or Chalize Therun believing wrinkles are the best. You don't always get specials about her amazing school in Africa or self help survival stories. On her website however - if you can find it - there is some wonderful content. I would post several examples, but my search techniques have only yeilded one.

An end to the the set up. What put me on the subject is this article. The title "Transition Anxiety" initially repels me from it, but the small intro sentence tacked below it draws me back in. "If you're always running late, carelessness might not be to blame—your perception of time could be the culprit," it reads. Well... that does describe me. I read it. And it does describe me. To a T. So... if you want to get to know me a smidgen better. If you want to know why I tell you to call 15 minutes before anything. Why I'm always late, unless I'm not. Read it.

Transition Anxiety by Martha Beck

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